The Festival - BergamoTOONS

Festival Internazionale dell’arte del cinema di animazione umoristico


BergamoTOONS is a festival devoted to training talents, the new forces of a world of high creativity, a meeting point for a variety of arts and crafts.

A series of events that bring to the fore the humor in animated film right in the home of Bruno Bozzetto, world champion of the genre and Honorary President of the BergamoTOONS Association.
A festival / party able to give the widest audience of the city and families great attractions, such as free public screenings and exquisite exhibitions and at the same time accessible to the general public.


BergamoTOONS differs from other humorous sector festivals and the willingness to provide young people with the tools they need to take on a career in the world of animation through short training courses, conferences, workshops and masterclasses.
It is a festival featuring projections of many animated films featuring humor and entertainment, to smile and laugh in front of yesterday and today’s animated movie frames: works by new talents in the industry, but also signed by great Masters, to discover and rediscover the wonders of animation.


The world of animation consists of countless professions: storytelling, direction, production, editing, drawing, modeling, texturing, concept, storyboarding, animation, rendering, dubbing, music and many more.
At the same time, BergamoTOONS is a great opportunity for training and deepening, in order to create an appointment with an animation academy hosted by conferences, seminars, workshops and masterclass directed especially at the new levers, to open a window on the world of varied trades and professions linked to the world of animation, favoring a meeting with companies and market professionals.


As he recited the title of a famous book on the art of making cinema one step, often the animation film thanks to his fulminating visual humor and the addition to a soundtrack ``drawn`` by true artists of the genre can unleash the laughter .